Produce Perks


What Are Produce Perks?

Produce Perks is a statewide incentive program for Ohio's SNAP recipients to purchase fresh, healthy fruits and vegetables from certain Ohio farmers' markets and grocery stores across the state. 

The program provides a dollar-for-dollar match for shoppers using the SNAP/EBT card to buy fresh produce. So you can DOUBLE your SNAP (FOOD STAMP) dollars.

How Do I Use Produce Perks?


Step 1:

  • First, bring your SNAP/EBT card to the Farmer’s Market.

Step 2:

  • Then, staff will give you $1 in Produce Perks tokens for every $1 you choose to spend at the market using your SNAP/EBT card.

Step 3:

  • Finally, use your Produce Perks tokens to buy fresh local fruits and vegetables and your EBT tokens to purchase any SNAP-eligible products available at the market.

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Locations Accepting Produce Perks

Wright Stop Plaza
Tuesday-Thursday 11am-5pm (year round)
4 South Main Street
Dayton, Ohio 45402

Shiloh Farmers Market
Saturday 8am-1pm (May-October)
5300 Philadelphia Dr.
Dayton, Ohio 45415

Mission Of Mary Farmstand
Friday 10am-1pm (May-October)
623 Xenia Ave. Dayton, 45410​

Mission Of Mary, CSA
619 Silver Lane
Dayton, Ohio 45410

Second Street Market
Thursday-Friday 11am-3pm (year round)
Saturday 8am-3pm (May-October)
Sunday 8am-3pm (June-December)
600 E. Second St.
Dayton Ohio 45402

The Narrow Way Farm
Sunday- Friday 10am-7pm (May-October)
3622 Johnsonville-Brookville Rd. , Brookville