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We Stand With Our Community Against Racism

This week, our thoughts are with George Floyd and the loved ones he leaves behind. His name is added to the list of Black Americans tragically killed - Breonna Taylor, Philando Castile, John Crawford, Eric Garner, 12 year old Tamir Rice, and so many more. Each person leaves a grieving family and a community struggling for justice. Too often, that justice never comes.

There are no easy answers but we have to start by acknowledging America’s long history of racial injustice and commit to working together to build a legal system that works for everyone. We need to confront the racism in all its forms and work for deep and lasting fundamental change. 

At the Hall Hunger Initiative, we work to increase awareness of these inequities as a fundamental step toward change. We strive to educate about the racial inequity in hunger and poverty and to find ways to reduce those inequities. We know Black Americans are three times more likely to experience hunger than white Americans. We know that chronic diseases such as diabetes, adult obesity and heart attack hit the Black community hardest and that a root cause for these preventable deaths is food apartheid - the lack of affordable, healthy food in many Black neighborhoods. 

As part of our commitment to oppose racism, we present the Racial Wealth Gap Simulation to increase understanding of the history of racist policies which has led to today’s inequity. We work with the Gem City Market, the Food Equity Coalition and other partners to build a just and sustainable food system that works for everyone. Today we are reminded that we need to find additional ways to use our resources to end racial injustice.

We strongly oppose racism in all its forms and reaffirm our commitment to ending racial injustice. We encourage every member of the community to find a way to join the effort to end the evils of racism. #BlackLivesMatter

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