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Christmas Angel Helps Local Food Programs

An anonymous Christmas angel with long-standing ties to Tony Hall donated $300,000 to help the hungry in the Dayton area. The donor, who lives out-of-state, worked with Ambassador Hall and the Hall Hunger Initiative to direct the gifts in ways that make the most impact.

The gift from the anonymous donor supported vital projects at several community organizations, including Miami Valley Meals and a joint project with Homefull and the Area Agency on Aging.

Miami Valley Meals - $110,000 Miami Valley Meals started this spring as a project under Set the Banquet Table that hires chefs laid off due to the pandemic and pays them to prepare healthy, delicious meals for those in need. In May, the group was distributing 500 meals a week but is now up to 4500 a week. The frozen meals are provided for free to organizations who deliver to the hungry. The donation will pay for a packaging machine that will allow a significant increase in production. Additional funds will help pay for more meals and delivery costs.

“We are extremely grateful for this timely contribution,” said Amanda DeLotelle, Executive Director, Miami Valley Meals. “The packaging machine will be a big help. Right now, the chefs have to stop cooking several times a shift and hand package each meal. Thanks to this donation, we will have an automated process that will allow the chefs to spend more time cooking” she said. “This will also help our partners and clients like East End Community Center, Omega CDC and Miami Valley Organizing Collaborative continue to deliver our meals to the most in need.”

Homefull/Area Agency on Aging - $130,000 The donation will pay for a lift-equipped van to help people get to Homefull’s Mobile Grocery Store and soon to the Gem City Market. It also provides money for vouchers for low income seniors to buy groceries on the mobile grocery store. This builds on the recently ended Senior Farmers Market Program, a collaboration between Homefull and the Area Agency on Aging to help seniors buy healthy produce from local growers.

“The van and vouchers will be a great help to our seniors this winter,” said Tina Patterson, Executive Director of Homefull.

“When the Senior Farmers Market Program expired, we saw seniors struggling to pay for groceries. Thanks to this donation, we will be able to help seniors keep food on the shelves this winter.”

“This is going to be a long winter for thousands of struggling Daytonians and we aren’t getting near enough help from the federal government. We really need everyone who can to step up and help our neighbors,” said Hall.

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