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Micro Grants To Address Hunger Challenges

HHI aims to strengthen vital nonprofits promoting food security and access in the Dayton area by providing micro grants to quickly and efficiently address needs and gaps. Micro grants are limited to one-time and $5000 maximum. These grants are designed to provide funding where there is no other option available. HHI reserves the right to update the evaluation criteria and micro-grant guidelines as necessary. Applicants may apply online by clicking "Apply" below or by mailing an application to the address listed in the printable application form. To print an application form, please see the tab to the left. 

Evaluation Criteria

Priority will be given to projects which:

- Address needs in underserved areas or populations, especially minority and immigrants communities

- Show a sustainable plan to continue after this funding is exhausted

- Include collaboration with other organizations

- Produce significant results for the money spent                

Micro grants guidelines:
  1. The project must promote food security and access in the Dayton area. Some examples of micro-grants may include emergency repairs, equipment purchase or rental, technology, training, staff and one-time unexpected expenses.  

  2. Applicants must be non-profits, either 501c3 or incorporated as an Ohio non-profit. Government and religious organizations are also welcome to apply.

  3. Grant amounts are between $500 and $5000. This is a one time grant, non-renewable grant.

  4. Grant must be expended in the 12-month period subsequent to receiving it. 

  5. Applicant must provide a line item budget for project. Please use provided budget template. 

  6. If funded, grantee must complete quarterly project accomplishment updates. 

  7. HHI reserves the right to request additional information about applicant organization, other funding options, budget and any other information need to make a decision. 

For questions, please email Darius Beckham or Mark Willis